4a Piggottshill Lane, Southdown, Harpenden, AL5 1LH

Telephone: 01582 769204   Email: partyboxharpenden@yahoo.co.uk


With fancy dress parties or school events, sometimes you need an accessory to make your costume really special.

We stock a variety of hats, including bowlers, top hats, fez, policeman helmets and Pirate.

We have a range of other accessories too, including cutlasses, wigs, eye patches, beards, moustaches, inflatables and bow ties.

To finish off the look we stock Snazaroo face paints and body crayons in a variety of colours.

Fez Hat Bow Tie Pirate Gun and Cutlass Set Blonde Bob Wig Inflatable Guitar Moustache Pirate Eye Patch Snazaroo Face Paint Temporary Tattoos Fancy Dress Party Animal Masks